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Inspiring News

The following are a selection of Inspiring News stories illustrating some of the achievements of our clients (names may or may not have been changed depending on the requests of our clients). 



ML's Story

I have found Pentreath very supportive. I have been supported in boosting my confidence and with my advisors help have been able to navigate through the benefits that I required and signposted to other agencies for support.

I didn’t feel alone you were a little light on the horizon.

I know now that Pentreath can support me through my next step of development once I am ready.

It is reassuring to know that I have access to Pentreath’s support.

LB's Story

I first began working with Pentreath in late 2012/early 2013. After seeing a couple of advisors I began working with another advisor mid-2013 and we established a good relationship. When I first started work with Pentreath my confidence was very low and I did not think I was ever going to be able to get through an interview as this was my worst nightmare. However with the ongoing support of my advisor my confidence gradually increased and in November 2013 I successfully gained employment as a library assistant working for Cornwall Council.

I was still nervous at interview but I had done lots of preparation and had lots of reassurance from my advisor, which helped me massively. I found the transition from being a stay at home mum to a paid employee very difficult, and actually the support I have had whilst in work has proven even more invaluable to me as it has enabled me to work through depression and anxiety and being able to talk to my advisor about my feelings, and to be understood and reassured that it was a perfectly understandable reaction, really helped me to continue working when I felt like a failure.

I am very grateful for all that Pentreath, and in particular my advisor, have done for me. Also to be able to attend the NLP course was brilliant, as well as learning an awful lot, it helped change the way I think about future goals. I made a brilliant friend who has also benefitted greatly from the course. I have also been helped financially by Pentreath when there was no one else to turn to, and this has helped more than I can explain. Being a single parent is difficult emotionally and financially, but having emotional and practical support has made such a huge difference. I really cannot say enough good things about what Pentreath has done for me and I hope that they can continue to provide support for others for many years to come. Being unemployed can really affect self-esteem but Pentreath has helped to boost mine and put my anxieties into perspective. As well as that I really established a good rapport with my advisor, so whilst there were still boundaries, it did feel like we had developed a friendship and I was able to speak openly and honestly with my advisor with no fear of being judged.

SD's Story

Thank you to my advisor who has been my life belt, when I first started with Pentreath I was reclusive only leaving the house if necessary and always with someone else. I now go to college, some days I struggle, but I do this twice a week, massive improvement thanks to my advisor.

I do not feel that I have to stay locked in the house to be safe now. I can go out, I do it mostly with someone else but I don’t panic before I go out now. If I do have a panic attack whilst out I now find it easier to cope with and have my defensive plan ready in case.

I feel more confident about the future and looking forward to when my mental and physical health will allow me to return to work, this is a massive improvement.


DM's Story

Before Pentreath I was experiencing severe depression, social anxiety and a huge lack of self belief, confidence self esteem and worthiness. I didn’t feel in control of my life and found myself in a very poor state of physical, emotional and mental ill health. I have worked along side my advisors from Pentreath, all whom have given me life changing support and advice. I related to each member in different ways which I feel has been vital towards my road to recovery. The services such as Mind and Outlook Southwest as well as a health trainer, referred by Pentreath all have also played a huge role in recovering to a better and healthier life style. This last twelve months have been a journey of ups and downs, a real rollercoaster. Without the support I have received I am unsure how my health would stand today. I went from experiencing a very stressful nervous break down, to spending hours, days in bed, isolating myself, poor diet, weight loss, poor hygiene, no interests and a very low state of mind, to now the complete opposite with the bonus of returning back to work. Of which was an impossible thought of mine. Having a three year old son this has also changed my relationship with him. He is my reason to keep fighting and better my health but I have also took on board to do this for myself as well as him.

I now feel much more motivated and happier, I don’t spend hours of days in my bed, neither to I isolate myself but enjoy social activities again. My diet is much better and I have gained back the weight that was lost. My hygiene and taking care of myself is improving. I feel more confident and a better sense of self belief as well as an excitement for the future. I believe Pentreath, and all whom I have worked closely with have played an enormous part in my life to change it for the better and healthier, but not only mine, my three year old sons too. I believe it has been a life line from the deep, dark, lonely, hole I fell into. At times I thought nothing could help.

I feel very optimistic, positive about mine and my sons future. Also to give myself credit! Many interests have sparked up again and I’m pleased to be able to state I am enjoying my life again. I can’t thank every member enough for what I feel saved my life.



AP's Story

For more than 12 years I have suffered from chronic anxiety and depression. Have been through many traumas and at times became so ill which led to going in to hospital on occasions.

Life seemed not worth living, couldn’t even go outside my own front door.

I joined Pentreath and met many of people whom which today I still see. We all had some sort of illness in common. Pentreath did groups of activities which were a great help and started to get me back out there and start enjoying things again. Which leads to the next chapter in my life. I never did well at school, came out with know qualifications. Felt useless, no confidence. But 30 years on at 46, decided I wanted to do something different and gain a qualification. I met up with one of the Pentreath team and chatted to her about going to college and doing a course in Beauty Therapy. With her help I went and enrolled for a nine month course which was a big commitment; did not thing I could do this but I was so determined to do something for myself and achieve a goal. I also enrolled in a keep fit class as well. I panicked and at many of times felt like backing out of going back to college. I felt different from other people due to this illness but still carried on.

The tutor was very understanding which helped. The course was very intense and hard, but I found it helped to distract me. With loads of course work and case studies and many exams at the end. It was scary. But I carried on. I passed all the exams except one, which I went back and took again, which led to going up to another college further up. I failed that one again, decided I couldn’t go. Threw it again. Took a few months out and had a fit in my head of all the hard work I had done over the 12 months and decided to try one more time. At last I passed and got my Diploma in Beauty Therapy with a qualified badge as well. I can’t tell you how good I felt about myself, at last at 46 I have a qualification and I am so proud. From someone who was so ill and been through so much and today I have achieved my goal.

So to anyone out there, never give up, no matter how bad or how hard things are, you can achieve.

Good luck to you all.


BZ'z Story

My first contact with Pentreath was with the “Colourful Women’s Group” in the local children’s centre 2 years ago. I enjoyed the time there as we have the opportunity to meet other women and children who come from different culture backgrounds and English isn’t their first language. Pentreath staff are very friendly and supportive, they understand culture difference and that language barriers cause social isolation. They understand how difficult it is for us to access local services and obtain the information and our lack of confidence. They respect us and organise different craft activities for the women and children. They created a warm and friendly place for us to exchange information and explore the craft ideas. We learned a lot of practical skills.

I gained a lot of confidence with their support. I was totally destroyed by my controlling husband. I wanted to work and was suffering huge stress at that time. I don’t have family to rely on and I didn’t know if there was a place to help us. I got so frustrated that I couldn’t use the right English word to address problems or even ask for help.

I met Kerry, my vocational worker from Pentreath. She helped me set goals and looked at job information. I felt that here was someone who was hearing my voice and paying attention to me. I got a job after I had been at home for 3 years, since having my second child. It boosted my self esteem and confidence. I found another job working with a variety of people and volunteering support to vulnerable people. Through my last 3 years experience, I have come from homeless single mum to a confident working woman. I finally realised how important a healthy mind is. I felt fearful doing things because I didn’t have the knowledge and had lack of control. I recognised the causes and learnt about them with Pentreath’s encouragement. It was a long journey but worth it.

I don’t know how I would have achieved all this without them, Pentreath has very supportive and knowledgeable staff, working in a strong networking team. I appreciate what they do and I am sure there are so many people like me who cannot use words to describe their thoughts. I

I bless them and give a big Thank You to all the staff. They are doing a wonderful job.


WK's Story

Before working with Pentreath I didn’t want to do much and felt that I didn’t have anything to do. Working with Pentreath has helped to motivate me and to do more things. I am now attending Heaven Scent and working towards a qualification. I’ve met new people, am learning new things and really enjoying it. I now feel that I want to go out more and do things to help me. I have also enrolled to do a Maths and English course and take my fork lift truck licence. I have signed up to do a computer course. Before, I felt I was just existing but now I feel that I’m living my life.


NB's Story

Thank goodness I eventually found Pentreath. I have been on a very long journey dealing with health issues, that to put it mildly, limited my capacity to function, leaving my self esteem and self belief in tatters. After being passed around a multitude of agencies, I thankfully ended up under the tender care of Pentreath, first Neal Mackie, then progressing on to Kerry Jose and now the collective splendour that is Mike Reeves, Emma Smith and Ricky Mead, aka the Training Department.

It is difficult not to sound nauseating, but Pentreath has made such a difference and I am an unabashed fan of all that it does. Neal and Kerry have given me 1 to 1 support that re-installed a sense of perspective long lost, and gently waxed me into taking the small steps I tend to dismiss. They helped me engage with others, to have confidence in my opinions and in acknowledging my own achievements which I tend to lose sight of. They listened, and they didn’t judge. They got me into action, didn’t dismiss my wilful self-sabatorial tendencies and my negative dismissals. They just kept on believing I was worth a whole lot more than I did, and am massively indebted.

To cut a long story short I now exhibit my photography in New St Gallery in Penzance (dream no.1 come true) and I am offering 1 to 1 astrology readings (dream no. 2). I’m not saying I wouldn’t have done it without them, but it would have taken many more years believe me.

Plus then to cap it all, Kerry delivered me to Mike and the wonders of the Training Triangle revealed themselves. I’m now volunteering with the Training Department, training to teach, done a spot of mentoring and all this is reinforcing my belief that I can function, can contribute, and have prospects. Ok the journey’s got a long way to go, but thank you Pentreath – hand on heart, I love you all J


PH's Story

When I first approached Pentreath I was finding it extremely difficult to walk out of the front door on my own. For years my confidence had been extremely low and I was having 3 – 5 panic attacks a week.  I was given the opportunity to go diving ad Marie was a great encouragement and I’m glad I listened to her and others and took it. Since then I have worked my way to almost completing rescue dives and when I have passed will be taking the professional path through Divemaster to Instructor. I still have panic attacks and days when I am unsure of myself but Marie is a very caring and encouraging person and a credit to Pentreath.  Her persistent but gentle pushes to increase my situation have made me realise I was hiding for no reason, meeting at coffee shops around other people and talking about the things we have has made me a bit more confident in dealing with being around people and re-taught me coping strategies to focus on the person or group I with (when with others).

I feel the next steps for me will be an eye-opener as the hardest part is done.  With the improvement in my life (drop in number of panic attacks) and confidence and focus I have on a change in career (Diving Instructor) it feels I have travelled a million miles from the situation I was in, when I would jump if a person came within 6 feet of me, or running home in a blind panic and tackling the rest of the issues that have formed barriers in my life will be something I know I can overcome now.


CW's Story

I have always been embarrassed of my mental health so didn’t like seeking help.  I was put on anti-depressants.  I tried having counselling but I had a really bad experience so that put me off!

I first came across Pentreath through an organisation that helped people get back into work.  I had low self esteem and low confidence, so decided that some sessions on this would be beneficial and put in touch with Pentreath. When I first met my “Support Worker” Bee, I felt really anxious.  I hadn’t talked about my mental health to anyone for a long time.  How was I ever going to open up and trust this person after I had a really bad experience when I opened up to a counsellor. Bee took it at my pace and never pushed or poked into things I didn’t want to talk about.  I started talking about how difficult things were at home as I was living with my parents.  It was really stressful and I found it difficult to focus on myself with everything going on.  I had wanted to leave home when I was 16 as things weren’t easy at home but didn’t know where else to go, so moving out was something I was still desperate for, but just didn’t know where to start. We arranged a meeting with a supported housing team. They were willing to let me move in but I had to make a decision within 4 days! This was  a massive step for me and it seemed like a “make or break” situation. Bee stood by me in making this decision and had confidence that whatever I chose to do I would make the right decision for me.

Once I had moved in, away from stressful situations at home, I was able to start focusing on moving forward.  We looked at things such as motivation, self esteem and confidence, all of which I felt I lacked. One thing I really enjoyed was making a big cushion, it was my safety cushion.  When I felt low or panicky I had something there to make me feel safe.  Bee helped me learn new sewing machine skills and develop my creativity.

The most annoying thing that I have achieved is that I was able to open up to another counsellor I had and was able to talk about how my mental health affected me when I was younger. This is something I’ve never been able to do after my bad experience with another.  Bee gave me the insight that not everyone is like that and helped me plan what I going to say to her.

When I next saw Bee I told her that I had been honest and opened up to my counsellor which was a massive thing for me. Bee was so supportive and really proud of me.  She knew it was a massive hurdle that I had overcome.

Sadly, our time together is coming to a closure soon. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared, but I know I will be ok because I am a lot more confident and am able to speak out about how I feel. I also attend several support groups. I want to say “thank you” to Pentreath as they helped me gain confidence and to grab each opportunity as it arises and never stop trying. Bee believed in me from day one and never given up on me. She has helped me to believe in myself, and that life can be a bitch but it’s what you make it. These words used to be empty but I am now starting to believe in myself.

I now have several volunteer jobs and hope to help other people one day, like Pentreath helped me. You just have to believe in yourself, it not easy but you will get there.


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