IN 2020, 2000 PEOPLE

...have been supported by Pentreath towards their vocational goals.

IN 2020, 166 PEOPLE

...have built their confidence and found employment and been successful in getting a job with Pentreath's help.

IN 2020, 286 PEOPLE

...have found the confidence and believed in themselves and started or returned to education and training.


...would recommend Pentreath to their family and friends.

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At Pentreath we believe in being able to support people when they are in need.  We run a Maslow Fund to help people overcome barriers to recovery where no other financial support is available.  As with all our work, anyone receiving support through this fund will have agreed to a focused action plan with their advisor to help them move forward.

Pentreath are always looking for ways to improve our ability to support clients who are in need or in crisis. By donating to us you will be contributing to our Maslow Fund, which will enable us to support our clients when there is no other funding available or when they are in a crisis.

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