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...have built their confidence and found employment and been successful in getting a job with Pentreath's help.

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...have found the confidence and believed in themselves and started or returned to education and training.


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We are proud of the work that we do to help our clients and are pleased to be able to share these positive experiences.

Please take some time to read through the testimonials below to see how our work has supported people across Cornwall.

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I looked forward to your phone calls, even though sometimes I would forget you were calling, and it was nice knowing someone was there to talk to. You were very kind and understanding. Always searching for options which was really good and helpful. Extremely kind and your attitude towards me was great. Some people treat you like dirt or like a child and I’ve had some horrible experiences in the past. Knowing you were going to call and doing things for me was beneficial and made the experience stress free for me. It took away some of my anxiety because I knew you were understanding and it made all the difference. Being treated like a human being and that in itself was brilliant.

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During my time with Pentreath I have started a new college course in Level 2 Media Studies and I am really enjoying the course, before we started the sessions I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do next. I am thinking about going onto level three after that.
Another focus of our sessions was healthy lifestyle. One of my actions was to write a sugar diary and I have worked out how much sugar I should be eating each day which has helped me to be aware of eating healthier. I have also started drinking more water and have been walking more.
This week I also went on the bus completely on my own for the first time which made me feel a lot more confident.
Having these sessions has helped build my confidence.

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Katie was able to help me find clubs and activities to take part in to help with my mood and I was able to find myself 2 dance groups in my local area to start attending to which I really enjoyed and something that helped me to find more friends and be social with new people as I really wanted to make new friends and dancing is a hobby that I really enjoy so this was a real good uplift for me and made me feel so great.
As I was continuing to see Katie in person or speak to her on the phone, I was improving very well with my mood and felt that I was able to get into new things and more opportunities were coming my way.

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When I first started talking to Pentreath I was a mess, mostly because of lockdown, I was anxious, I didn’t know what to look forward too. The advisors at Pentreath gave me someone to talk to about the things I was going through, anxiety workshops and coping mechanisms, so that if I ever find myself in a similar mental space again, I’ll know what to do.
I feel before I started to talk to Pentreath, I couldn’t sign up to a job I didn’t know I could already do, because of anxiety and not having confidence in myself but now I feel a lot better, I feel ready to take risks and put myself out there again.

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It was Sharon from PLUSS who referred me to the ‘Positive People’ program. To take part in the employability course. After a change of personal circumstances, a family bereavement and an industrial accident I was in a very dark place trying to find a new direction and an alternative/new career. I started to work with Cat from Pentreath and her help enabled me to get back into education and undertake a course to start my own business which gave me the confidence to make this happen. Pentreath also sourced funding for essential equipment to turn my dream into a reality. After working with Pentreath I can now see a much brighter future and the reality of starting my own business as a self-employed gardener.


When joining Pentreath I was just surviving with no real way out. After meeting Laura, I felt we started with keeping things steady because my mental health was unstable at this time. As I grew in confidence within myself, Laura was always available and active with her finger on the pulse. Laura helped me set up some anxiety management, counselling and finding adequate housing for my needs. Laura has always been sympathetic while remaining professional. I am very happy with the support I have received.

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When I first met Zoe I was very anxious, I had just left college and didn’t really know what to do. Zoe let my Mum come to the first few sessions until I became more comfortable and was able to go alone. She helped me write a C.V. and build up the confidence to hand it in. She told me about other services I could transfer to after this and helped me to understand that leaving college was a good choice for my mental health. Zoe has been a really good person to talk to and meeting with her has given my week more structure. I have really enjoyed my time with Zoe and Headstart and am really grateful for it.


I have been supported to access a good work course which I really enjoyed. I learnt new skills and met new people. I also got involved in a beach clean through the ‘Atlantic and Moor’ project. I had support to access and start a maths course which I attended about four or five sessions of. I have had health and wellbeing support in which we went to the harbour on walks. We discussed anxiety management and built on confidence and self-esteem and am looking forward to accessing the food for change course to commit to catering and cooking training.


We worked on building self-confidence which helped a lot towards my plans, and I have now done a bit of voluntary work which has boosted my self-esteem. I am now looking forward to working again. Eric has helped me know how to control my mental health. I am also more confident in talking to people. I feel more motivated to do things and in setting myself goals.


Meeting in cafes helped to get over my fear of leaving the house and being in a public space. One of the cafes being in a supermarket helped me to edge closer to shopping in a supermarket again – which has helped my confidence. Though challenging at first, being able to talk about anxieties has helped to make me feel more like a person and has left more space in my head for other things. Developing my c.v. and creating plans to support getting a job and going back to University has been very helpful in developing myself and my identity. The opportunity to exercise with others at the ‘Get Set, Go’ project helped me to be around others in a supportive environment – I laughed for the first time in ages!


I have managed to apply for my PIP for which I couldn’t do before. I felt unable to accept my diagnosis of Myotonic dystrophy. Amanda sent me a pile of information about it and my PIP application. I thus felt able to read up on my illness and start to get the PIP claim form complete. I was on the waiting list for the community physiotherapist and occupational therapist and Amanda recognised my need for more urgent support and as a result I was seen by the physiotherapist in my house and they helped me with my mobility. I have spoken to the vicar who is also a counsellor to help me with my grief (and also my sister). I am now going to get grief therapy. Amanda also put me in contact with the expert patient programme and is awaiting a course near me.

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When I started with Pentreath I was at the lowest point in my life. I couldn’t see a future for myself and didn’t want to live anymore. With the help of my mentor, Christian, I have managed to turn my life around in the right direction and am beginning to see that I do have a future. Also, I went from not going out at all to attending the leisure centre for swimming regularly with the help of Sue, a well-being mentor. I would say that I owe my life to Pentreath as without the help and support I doubt I would be here today. Thank you to all of my mentors at Pentreath.

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When I first started with Pentreath I had very low self-esteem, low confidence and mood. Being employed was the last thing I wanted as I had no energy or motivation. Along my journey I have been fortunate enough to have help and support with all these areas. I was struggling building my confidence and dealing with anxiety has been a massive hurdle. Having the support network has been invaluable to me. It has enabled me to be more positive and motivated about myself, my employability and wanting to go back to work. Mt mental health, physical health and all-round well-being have completely flipped for the better. I know I still have a way to go but I feel fortunate to finally have the support I desperately needed. I am very thankful.

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When Pentreath was offered to me last year it came at a time when I had lost my way a bit. I was full of self-doubt, exhaustion and the future looked bleak. Ten years of working in a tough industry suddenly ended when an accident at work caused a cracked rib. For weeks even moving for a small bit was painful, there was no going back and the way forward looked impossible. There was no way that I could do this alone and the decision to reach out for and then accept whatever help there was was the best one that I had made in years and years. I had some mental health problems coupled with all of the shame and vulnerability that go hand in hand with that admission was a huge leap of faith. Pentreath understood but how on Earth did they know? They never judged or belittled… What they actually did was to share their kind and caring knowledge and experience. They listened and understood. Over the ensuing months, I was given two mentors who were always there if needed. Gradually, with their help, I learned new and better (kinder) ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Good solid, tried, tested and trusted ways. Gradually I made changes – positive ones, – and released some really bad patterns of self-sabotage. I met other people in a similar situation and went into the Who Dares Works course (amazing – everyone could benefit from this!) There was also a course at “Outset” to grow my business. I even got help with c.v. building and for the first time I realised that a c.v. could be a ‘mission statement’ – a celebration of a life lived. Thank you all – you wonderful people – for your great help!

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I was in a very dark place due to job loss, a bad relationship breakup with the mother of our kids, self-hating, social anxiety, feeling worthless to everyone including my kids, lost what little confidence I had etc etc. I was metaphorically looking over the edge of a bridge. I have suffered with depression half my life and only been this bad once, knew deep down this wasn’t a good place to be and I need guidance out of this dark place. My work coach and a friend both mentioned Pentreath to me so I decided to contact them.
Mac was my mentor from Pentreath and he made sure I was comfortable with my surrounding I had chosen to meet for the first time. Mac asked questions, intently listened to my situation took down notes. I had unmet career goal of certification to boost my employment opportunities that I mentioned to Mac and he got right into looking into how Pentreath could help.
I had a golden opportunity of time to study as I had lost my job but didn’t have the funds to go forward with certification. Mac and the team at Pentheath did a fantastic job at securing funding for me to buy study material required and book the exam, this gave me purpose and focus without the extra burden and worry of the financial cost. I was able to able to study unhindered by financial pressure niggling in the background. Mac pointed me to other organization that can help with career, CV and interview skills and set regular tailored goals and objectives beneficial to my overall mental wellbeing.
With Pentreath’s support I quickly pulled myself out of the dark place I had found myself, I’d found the mental strength and motivation to study every day and I passed the exam first time. Without this kind of muti area support offered by Pentreath I wouldn’t of be able to come out of the dark place and to the point I am now within 6 months, I might even have gone deeper.
I can’t thank Mac and Pentreath enough for their help and support. I look back at where I was to where I am now, and the difference is night and day. It brings me immense happiness and gratitude to know organisations like Pentreath and people like Mac exist to help others out of dark places.
My future NOW looks positive
Massive thank you to Mac & the Pentreath team!!

11th August 2022

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I have struggled with my mental health pretty much as long as I can remember. It came to a head in my late teens/early twenties, and I found it harder and harder to engage with life in a way I found meaningful. The idea of recovery, of getting a job, and of being "on my own" with it absolutely terrified me. The last time I had a job prior to working with Pentreath was in 2017 or so - I worked a week at a shop and had a mental breakdown. I had a loving family and friends, but it felt like they didn't really know how to help - I can't blame them! I didn't know how to help myself. Instead, I remained on ESA for years. I never went anywhere, I never did anything.
After I'd stabilised, I was referred to Pentreath. At first I saw someone who helped me move towards volunteering, and after a while I started to work with Nigel.
From the start, Nigel was supportive and understanding in a relaxed way. He gave me goals, but never pushed me or made me feel anxious. He kept me moving towards targets without making me feel like I needed to do everything all at once. At the time I hoped to work as a trainee curator in a museum, so he helped me look over my applications and was very enthusiastic about how hard I worked even when I didn't get the jobs. When I came across a Peer Support Worker role for a mental health team, Nigel kept me on track and arranged a mock interview for me. It was really helpful, and it enabled me to feel relaxed and confident for the real thing.
I'm most grateful for Pentreath’s help in dealing with the confusing and stressful application process after I'd been given a conditional offer of employment. Nigel really fought hard for me and worked alongside the team to support me as best as they could. He helped me apply for a passport to get a DBS check, and dealt with some difficulty with referrals as well as giving me moral support. I really can't thank him or the team at Pentreath enough, as am incredibly grateful for their help. I love my new job and wouldn't have it without them.

4th August 2022

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