IN 2020, 2000 PEOPLE

...have been supported by Pentreath towards their vocational goals.

IN 2020, 166 PEOPLE

...have built their confidence and found employment and been successful in getting a job with Pentreath's help.

IN 2020, 286 PEOPLE

...have found the confidence and believed in themselves and started or returned to education and training.


...would recommend Pentreath to their family and friends.



The Help2Wellbeing project from Pentreath provides personalised mental health and well-being support on a one to one basis, for up to 6 weeks, for clients in Cornwall, helping to prevent crisis and promote mental and emotional well-being.

Our aims are to:

  • Help relieve and support Community Mental Health Teams and Primary Care Networks
  • Help prevent crisis
  • Promote emotional well-being.
  • Provide early intervention and help prevent relapse
  • Encourage engagement in the local community
  • Support recovery

How can you access this service?

If you live in Cornwall, are over 18 and have emotional or mental health issues please speak to your mental health professional or GP.

To refer, please download the referral form below and send it back to us.

Help2Wellbeing Referral Form Feb 2021